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About NearPlus

NearPlus is the downloadable App-based Marketplace aimed to accelerate the community supplier and demand chains to ecommerce and to remain sustainable and profitable system in one platform.

Affordable Package

NearPlus come with 3 affordable package that suit your needs $87.50, $175.00, $262.50


-Eshop presence, -Promotional banner, -Online advertisment, -Shooping cart, -Payment gateway, -Post system,
-Location tracker
and many more

Community Power

-Multiple revenues creation, -Sharing profit platform, -Share resources, numbers, revenues and rewarding you as an active user

NPChains Eco-Processor

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NearPlus Package

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Shopping carts up to 50 products listing

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Shopping carts up to 100 products listing
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Shopping carts with unlimited product listing
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